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    Blue Note Reimagined 2 | Lim. Ed. Clear Vinyl

    • Yazz Ahmed–    It    5:13
      Conor Albert–    You Make Me Feel So Good    3:10
      Parthenope*–    Don't Know Why    3:43
      Swindle (2)–    Miss Kane    4:15
      Nubiyan Twist–    Through The Noise (Chant No.2)    4:48
      Ego Ella May–    Morning Side Of Love    3:53
      Oscar Jerome & Oscar #Worldpeace*–    (Why You So) Green With Envy    4:52
      Daniel Casimir (2) Ft. Ria Moran–    Lost    5:52
      Theon Cross–    Epistrophy    3:31
      Maya Delilah–    Harvest Moon    4:12
      Kay Young–    Feel Like Making Love    4:17
      Venna & Marco–    Where Are We Going?    3:46
      Reuben James–    Infant Eyes    2:54
      Binker Golding–    Fort Worth    5:42
      Cherise–    Sunrise    3:40
      Franc Moody–    Cristo Redentor    5:20
      YellowStraps–    This Ain't Loving Without You    2:57
      BIGYUKI–    The Creators    4:04

    • We understand the frustration in receiving a damaged item. Rest assured that we have taken the utmost care in how we pack and ship your items. However, we cannot control the situation if the item is damaged in transit. In the unfortunate case of a damaged item, please email us prior to returning at littleritualsinfo@gmail.com detailing the damage. Please include photos of the item, video of the defect,  name of the item, and order number in your email. Items sent without authorization via email will not be accepted.


      • Returns, refunds, and exchanges are allowed within 7 days of receiving the item. This will be applied if and only if the item is damaged (factory defects, skips, and significant warps) or if the wrong order has been sent. Please check the items immediately and inform us of the damages.  Some records skip due to the buyer's faulty turntable (portable turntables are prone to skipping because of the lack of anti-skate and counterweight) worn belt and worn stylus. We do not accept this as a valid claim for refunds, returns, and exchanges. We will have to assess the item and check the records with our own turntable. We will only refund, return, or exchange after we have received the item from the customer and proper assessment has been conducted. Customers must shoulder the costs of returning items. 

      •  Minor imperfections and packaging blemishes do not qualify for replacements/refunds (off-centered labels, creased corners, torn plastic, and slight seam splitting on LP jackets) Please note that while we pack our items in the best possible way , some small cosmetic damage might occur as part of the shipping process. It is not avoidable as these items have also been shipped from other parts of the world. 

      • Replacements are subject to the availability of the item. If there is not another copy of that item in stock, we will offer a credit for the cost of the item towards the purchase of another item.

      • We do not allow a return/refund/exchange if the buyer has changed their mind or has mishandled the products. Wear and tear damage is also not eligible for this.

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