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Keeping vinyl alive

Little Rituals started in 2016 as a lifestyle store with things I was interested in: art, fashion, music, and film. It was honestly an excuse for me to buy records without getting scolded by my parents for buying too much because it was considered a "business expense"  ; ) 

I loved the whole experience of buying records.  It's sort of a "Ritual", I suppose. I was digging through crates for hours on end at record stores abroad. It was my weekly routine when I was still in university.  I can still remember where I got certain records in my collection whether it be at an iconic establishment in Shibuya or a weekend market in Brighton. Music, for all of us, hold certain memories and the tangibility of vinyl records adds to the overall experience. 

The feeling's the same:  excitedly taking the album home so you could take the record out of the cover, place it on the platter, and waiting for the needle to drop. I wanted to share and bring that here and so Little Rituals Records came alive. 

-Kim <3


kings of vinyl

Kings of Vinyl is our all vinyl record show where we invite Ritualists or cratediggers to share their collection live on air. We are exclusively on Magic 92.3 Cebu. The show is every Saturday from 2-5 pm on Magic 92.3 and can be streamed via Magic Nationwide PH.

Kings of Vinyl is powered by Pavement Records. 

Sponsored by: Little Rituals Records

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